Platform 2035

Vision 2035




Bridging The Gap


Platform 2035 is a unique  portal providing a forum that enables strategic interaction between the public sector, private sector and foreign investors  towards achieving Cameroon's Vision 2035.+ More info...




Private Sector


Enhancing the capabilities of local businesses in both domestic and foreign markets. Our solutions are aimed at enabling sustainable business growth and job creation.

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Public Sector


Providing public agencies with a range of solutions  aimed at streamlining operations, improving efficiency, strategy and policy and to catalyse industrialization and economic growth+ More info...




Foreign Investors  


Providing foreign investors and businesses with a complete suite of services and specialized solutions to assist and guide their entry into the Cameroon market with minimal risk.  

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A reliable and up to date one stop shop for opportunities to bid on tenders from the Cameroonian public sector, pubic agencies, parastatals, private corporations and development aid organization in Cameroon.

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Investment Centre

Our investment center provides foreign investors with a full site of services to support and guide their entry in to the Cameroon market including up to date information on investment opportunities and the general investment conditions in the country. 

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Business Centre

The Platform2035 Business Development Centre is mandated to assist in the creation of businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing business development services to entrepreneurs.

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