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Call Center Investment

Category : Telecommunications
Organization/Individual type : Individuals

The amount will be used to acquire the required information and communication technology, set up the call centre, recruit and train personnel and cover working capital for the first year. The management of VAS Communications already has the required expertise to set-up and manage the call centre as well as the networks to generate demand for the services offered. VAS Communications has prepared a three year business plan that clearly sets out the goals and objectives of the business and the steps required to achieve success. The business plan includes financial statements which show the profitability of the business.

VAS Communications is confident that it can provide high quality cost effective services given the availability of cheap and highly qualified bilingual personnel in Cameroon. The Call centre will qualify for the Cameroon Industrial Free Zone incentives given that all the services will be provided to foreign markets. The call centre will offer the following services.


Inbound Call Centre Services Offerings 

• Live Web Chat Support Services  

• Order Entry & Customer Service  

• Customer Service Support 

• Not For Profit Direct Response 

• Fundraising Customer Relationship Management

• Technical Support / Help Desk 

• Seminar Registration and Reservation 

• Lottery Management 

• Dealer Locate 


Outbound Call Centre Service Offerings

• Customer Acquisition 

• Direct Sales Lead & Appointment Generation 

• Not For Profit Donor Acquisition Voice Broadcast  

• Customer Retention 

• Customer Service Support 

• Customer Cross-Selling & Up-Selling  

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys  

• Confirmation Services 

• Market Research  

• Database Enhancement & Management 


Telephone Answering Services

• Emergency Response Service A 24/7/365 

• Employee Work Alone & Check-in Management

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