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Coming to Cameroon

At some point in the process of setting up a company, investors usually visit their future business location in Cameroon. Like every country, Cameroon has certain entry regulations that might require different types of visas and permits. What visa is needed for establishing a business in Cameroon? And most importantly: how can it be obtained?

Establishing a Company

Any entrepreneur who wishes to start a business in Cameroon may do so: there are generally no restrictions limiting the establishment of new companies. Find out what steps are required for establishing the new business in Cameroon: from choosing the appropriate legal form for the business to registration of the business.

Incentive Programs

Platform2035 has the ability to lobby the government to offers numerous incentives for foreign investors. There is a variety of programs available, designed to fit the needs of economic activities at different stages of the investment process. Find out how your investment project can benefit from our innovative public incentive programs.

Platform2035 works with the public sector to make a number of incentives programs available which can be grouped into two overall packages: the investment incentives package which includes different measures and programs to reimburse investment costs; and the operational incentives package containing programs to subsidize costs once the location-based investment has been realized.

Tax System

Cameroon offers a competitive system of company taxation. The average tax burden on companies is less than 30 percent.. This means that company taxation in Cameroon is clearly competitive with other leading industrial nations. Read more in the following chapters.

Employees And Social Security

A company's success very much depends on its employees. Finding suitable staff in Cameroon is quite easy. But what considerations need to be addressed once employees are found? How is employment regulated? What do employers need to know about the German social security system? And how does payroll accounting work?

Legal Framework

In principle, business activities in Cameroon are free from regulations limiting day to day business. Intellectual property is strongly protected by patent laws which hold foreign entrepreneurs to the same conditions as Cameroonians. If necessary, investors’ rights can be enforced by Cameroon’s efficient judicial system.


A reliable and up to date one stop shop for opportunities to bid on tenders from the Cameroonian public sector, pubic agencies, parastatals, private corporations and development aid organization in Cameroon.

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Investment Centre

Our investment center provides foreign investors with a full site of services to support and guide their entry in to the Cameroon market including up to date information on investment opportunities and the general investment conditions in the country. 

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Business Centre

The Platform2035 Business Development Centre is mandated to assist in the creation of businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing business development services to entrepreneurs.

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