Platform 2035

Investment Support

Whether you require information, consultancy, or investment  project management services – we are at your side to guide you through the entire investment process.

Project Management Assistance

  • Business Opportunity Analysis and Market Research
    We provide comprehensive access to in-depth information relating to Cameroon´s future industries, successful markets, and profitable clusters. Drawing on our industry expertise and extensive knowledge of local markets, we are able to identify the most suitable investment opportunities for your company.
  • Market Entry Strategy Support
    We support your team in developing an appropriate investment strategy for the Cameroonian market - matching the specific needs of your business project. Optimize your company´s market entry prospects by adding our Cameroonian business know how to your project management setup.
  • Project Partner Identification and Contact
    Cameroonian business infrastructure is continuously improving.. We identify suitable partners for your investment project and put you in contact with utility suppliers, service providers, and verified potential business partners.
  • Coordination and Support of Negotiations with Local Authorities
    No need to worry – we will help you deal with the proper authorities and make sure that all of your paperwork is in order. Our consultants arrange all of the relevant meetings with local authorities and help you compile and prepare all of the necessary information and required documentation.

Location Consulting/Site Evaluation

  • Identification of Project-Specific Location Factors
    Operating and logistics costs, taxes, a qualified and available work force, labor regulations, infrastructure development, proximity to clusters, customers, and suppliers - the list of important location factors goes on and on. Our market experts elaborate the decisive factors specific to your project in Cameroon.
  • Cost Factor Analysis
    Each location is different and costs are decisive. In close cooperation with your team, we assess and weigh up the specific cost factors of your investment project, calculate expenses, and provide assessment reports.
  • Site Visit Coordination
    We want to make sure you make the right location decision. That’s why we organize on-site visits and fact-finding missions. We put you in touch with local authorities and the relevant stakeholders.
  • Final Site Decision Support
    Together with development partners we offer comprehensive support during your final site decision process. You can continue to count on us for in-depth information and extensive advisory services throughout this process.

Support Services

  • Identification of Relevant Tax and Legal Issues
    Our legal experts identify all of the important tax and legal issues specific to your investment project. We examine legal issues at the national and regional levels, and also help you with regulatory bodies at all government levels.
  • Organization of Meetings with Legal Advisors and Financial Partners
     We'll put you in touch with financing partners, and we’ll be happy to mediate your discussions with banks. To make sure you receive the best legal support during the establishment phase of your business, we arrange contacts to lawyers and notaries. We stay at your side until your investment is completed as a matter of course.
  •  Administrative Affairs Support
    We guide you through all of the relevant administrative procedures during your business set-up phase. Our managers optimize time lines by initiating application procedures at the earliest possible date, and assist you in discussions with the relevant authorities.
  •  Accompanying Incentives Application and Establishment Formalities
    Did you know that your project might be eligible for multiple forms of incentives based on your business plan? We can develop the right incentive package for your project. In addition, we also ensure that your application gets to the appropriate authorities at the regional and national levels.


A reliable and up to date one stop shop for opportunities to bid on tenders from the Cameroonian public sector, pubic agencies, parastatals, private corporations and development aid organization in Cameroon.

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Investment Centre

Our investment center provides foreign investors with a full site of services to support and guide their entry in to the Cameroon market including up to date information on investment opportunities and the general investment conditions in the country. 

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Business Centre

The Platform2035 Business Development Centre is mandated to assist in the creation of businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing business development services to entrepreneurs.

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